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Donation Request

At present the King’s Food Bank stock room has lots of dried pasta, baked beans and soup. If you are considering a donation we do need items like Coffee, Sugar, tinned vegetables, tinned potatoes and tinned meat, fruit juice/squash. These items go out in every food box so we are always in need of them. Thank you.

Make a Financial Donation  Occasionally, we need to buy additional items, such as toiletries and financial donations help us to keep providing the exact help people need.

Make a Food Donation We accept donations of non-perishable food items. Please consider adding one of the items on the shopping list below to your basket on your next shopping trip. Your donation can be left at any of the Donation Points.

Packets of:

Instant pasta/noodles
Part Baked Baguettes/Bread

Jars/Sachets of:

Pasta Sauces
Cartons of:
Long-life fruit juice
UHT milk
Fruit Squash

Tins of:

Meat in sauce
Vegetables (eg. carrots, peas, sweetcorn)
Rice pudding
Fruit Sponge Pudding